Work with us

We work in a dynamic, exciting, international context and are always facing new challenges.
We strongly believe in the value of everyone and the contribution they can make to our company.
We believe that each person has a unique and distinctive set of skills, which the company has the responsibility to recognize and develop for mutual success.

Excellence is our goal, success is our result.

A Group that works for you

When you start working for a TESYA Group company, you become part of a market-leading group with strong local roots and relationships, offering the best products and services in its sector. But you also become part of a global family, present in 15 countries, which brings together 24 companies with the same distinctive values, each of which benefits from the advantages deriving from a shared vision and solid synergies.

A Group with 90 years of experience, 3,400 employees in 116 offices and a single Purpose: to support the growth of people, companies and communities.

And you are part of it.

We offer our people the opportunities and resources they need. From the moment you join our Group, you will discover that we will be at your side to discover your talent and potential, test you, recognize your results and allow you to grow and give your best. Thanks to our business schools, new opportunities, continuous growth and attentive professional support.

This is why every company in the TESYA Group is so proud of the results achieved by its people.