Agreement between leaders for fleet management

News - 23/11/23

 CGTE Rental

The agreement between the CalAmp Group company and the multi-specialist rental company part of the TESYA group provides for the installation on board of the work machines of the dual LoJack technology: radio frequency plus telematics.

MILAN and IRVINE, California, March 30, 2021 – Strengthen protection against theft of work machines and, above all, maximize fleet management data, making logistics more effective, through constant, real-time monitoring of the vehicle fleet.

With these objectives, an innovative agreement was signed today between CGTE, a leading company in the multi-specialist rental of work machines and spearhead of the TESYA Group, a European player distributor of the Caterpillar brand through its sister company CGT and LoJack Italia, a company of the CalAmp Group ( Nasdaq: CAMP) leader in telematics solutions and stolen vehicle recovery.

At the moment, the agreement has been developed for the national market, consolidating the partnership already present for years in the US market between CalAmp and Caterpillar.

The dual LoJack technology will be installed on board the over 4,000 vehicles of the CGTE fleet in Italy. In terms of combating vehicle theft, radio frequency (non-shieldable, capable of overcoming even physical barriers such as containers, warehouses, underground car parks and garages) will be combined with telematic solutions that allow the vital parameters of vehicles to be kept under control, checking in real time the kilometres travelled, the battery charge level and a series of alarms such as the possible switching on and movement of the vehicle outside the working hours, the disconnection of the device, the entry or exit from a certain area. All alerts, if activated, will be promptly managed by the LoJack Operations Centre, active 24 hours a day, which will be able to verify the incident and, in the case of theft, promptly start searches.

On the logistics side, the LoJack devices will allow CGTE to locate all the vehicles in the fleet at any time, control the management of the services carried out by them and verify the hours the vehicle is turned on, a precious element for defining its actual use.

“The agreement with LoJack represents a strategic partnership for CGTE with great growth prospects in the future,” declared Massimo Rossi, CEO of CGTE. “This step goes in the direction of increasing the quality of the services offered to our customers (which for CGTE are at the centre of any activity and initiative) and further improving the management of the rental fleet thanks to more advanced connectivity systems, which will guarantee us standards of usage even higher than the already excellent current ones”.