CGTE Convention 2023: Results and guidelines for the future

News - 23/11/23

The CGTE 2023 Convention, held in Vimercate (MB) on 13 and 14 April, saw the presentation of the results and the outline of the guidelines for 2023.

During the Convention, CGTE CEO Massimo Rossi confirmed the “achievement of the objectives set for 2022, and for 2023 it is CGTE’s objective to maintain the trend of growth and leadership in the market”. Over the last five years, the company has managed to quadruple its volumes, strengthening its presence in the area by increasing the number of branches from 10 to 40, with a fleet that has overall reached 12,000 units. Growth will continue to occur “as a combination of territorial expansion both in Italy and Iberia, and specialized development of selected segments to be able to serve customers with the highest levels of service and with a high level of knowledge of the reference applications”.

Pierre-Nicola Fovini, president of CGTE, also underlines that the entry into Iberia, with the acquisitions of Energyst (now Finanzauto Rental) and Emerent, began the transformation of CGTE into an international rental company, creating “further opportunities for CGTE professionals of professional growth and positive cross-contamination between different cultures”.

Rental activities for 2022 saw a growing turnover at approximately 100 MEUR, with an increase of 45% compared to the previous year. These results do not include Emerent volumes, an acquisition completed at the end of last year.

The Convention was an opportunity to present insights from management and in a series of round tables initiatives on key issues relating to the improvement of services to our customers were discussed and proposed.

On this occasion, training activities were also carried out on new development segments. In particular, the use and application areas of the range of small machines for renovations and maintenance – already available in the branches of Milan West (Nerviano) and Trento and which will be extended to other branches in the coming months – were explored in depth, including with practical applications.