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What makes us unique

Imagine combining the skills of a design studio, a company that builds complex systems and a logistics specialist, and having the fleet of the leading multi-service rental company in Italy at their service. It's not a dream, it's CGTE event rental.


The EVENTS division has an internal engineering studio to support and guide you from the early stages of the project. From the initial idea, to the design, up to the realization, we are by your side. We guarantee exceptional optimization of the materials used and therefore lower costs, particularly in complex and important orders.


Our technicians are constantly trained to have the highest skills in all the sectors in which they operate, they manage each on-site installation with a managerial approach and plan each phase of the work as if it were vital: from logistics, to procurement times, to actual execution. They are operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure both the greatest flexibility and maximum safety thanks to the timely and effective management of any unexpected event.


The CGTE rental fleet is not only the largest in Italy. It is also the most technologically advanced and which pays greater attention to the environment. The electricity production islands are the most efficient in consumption and emissions and also include hybrid systems. They are also equipped with remote control, ultra-soundproof fittings and electrical distribution with maximum fault selectivity. The thermal energy production plants are exclusively of the latest generation with very high energy efficiency with air sanitization treatment. Modular constructions adapt to any situation, even the most demanding or complex.

Integrated solutions

Our proposal offers integrated and efficient solutions to multiple needs: temporary living spaces, electricity generation and related systems, temperature control, air purification and sanitization, logistics and movement of people and goods. We have the largest and most varied fleet in Italy of aerial platforms, telescopic handlers, mobile cranes and forklifts to provide a complete and personalized solution to your every need. Don't settle for the best if you can have CGTE

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