Why choose a Rental Generator Set

Our rental fleet of generators  is suitable for the most disparate applications. From providing energy for small equipment to powering large installations, CGTE generating sets are the solution to the needs of our customers.

The service offered by CGTE guarantees great flexibility in the choice of vehicle and other machines or equipment to combine.

 CGTE Rental

Which Generating Sets can I rent and what services does CGTE offer?

The range of CGTE rental generator sets is complete to cover all needs: from portable 2 kVA generators to mammoth 1400 kVA generators. A very young fleet, with an average age of less than 3 years, guarantees emission and consumption levels in line with the best technologies.

But not only CGTE has an internal engineering studio capable of sizing, engineering and supporting the installation of generator sets based on the specific needs of the customer. Turnkey solutions built around the generators and the specific application complete with wiring, distribution panels and complementary products such as light tower rental, machines for temperature control and air conditioning, mobile constructions, etc.

Explore the range in detail to understand the model rental generator more consistent for your needs.

The advantages of CGTE rental

Maximum availability for the rental of generators (generating sets) throughout Italy in the 26 CGTE branches with more than 300 technicians. All resources are dedicated to intervening quickly and to minimize possible problems.

Furthermore, CGTE puts our engineering firm and our dedicated team of highly specialized rental consultants at your disposal to study the most effective and productive solution.