Chiller rental for air conditioning and refrigeration


Chiller rental for air conditioning and refrigeration

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How to take advantage of a rental chiller to better control the temperature

Temperature control is an important aspect in the world of industry and services, and crucial for the success of a production or for the well-being of staff in working environments. If we are setting up an event in a closed space, for example, it is important to be equipped with a chiller to guarantee our guests a pleasant environment.

What are rental chillers and how do they work?

The temperature control machinery for rent in the CGTE fleet, can be used for the air conditioning of large buildings with the presence of people (such as office complexes, hospitals, schools, and logistics hubs) both in summer for cooling the rooms and in winter for heating them.

Chiller rental also occurs in cases where the temperature of the liquids of a production process in industry must be kept controlled, particularly in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Which rental chillers to choose?

The performance ranges of the chillers in the CGTE rental fleet are very broad, and thanks to the CGTE technicians’ capacity and experience they will know how to direct you to choose the machine most suitable for your various needs.

For example, if your event will be held in a particularly large venue with a high capacity, we recommend to rent the chiller in the RTY08-H AERMEC model, the biggest in the CGTE rental fleet, which will ensure air treatment, filtration and renewal in highly crowded applications.

Instead, for a smaller event the chiller that fits mot your needs is the MB35E HAIER model , the smallest chiller in the CGTE rental fleet which thanks to its limited size and weight is ideal for events in places with limited space.

What can you benefit from with a chiller rental from CGTE?

The choice of accessories for the distribution of chilled water directly to the system is an aspect that should not be underestimated when renting a chiller

Thanks to the wide availability of accessories from the CGTE rental fleet (pipes, insulation, fittings, flanges, etc), our technicians study and install the best solution to guarantee the temperatures that the system requires and the maximum performance of the chillers.

Finally, CGTE, offers a complete service of chiller rental  from design, installation, setup and uninstallation, avoiding having to involve multiple parties to solve your need of temperature control and leaving you free to dedicate yourself totally to your main activities.