Truck-mounted platform rental: Accessibility, Efficiency and Safety at your fingertips

To rent an aerial platform and carry out work at heights, it is best to rely on an expert in the sector, who will not only support the customer for the entire rental period but will be able to advise them in choosing the machine best suited to their needs.

 CGTE Rental

Rent truck-mounted aerial platforms with CGTE

The CGTE rental fleet includes different types of aerial platforms that allow you to reach important heights while working in complete safety: the most common and widely used is the 20 meter truck-mounted platform which includes an articulated arm installed on a cab truck which can circulate freely on the road.

One of the main advantages of renting a truck-mounted aerial platform is the ability to reach considerable heights safely and efficiently. These platforms are designed to provide access to hard-to-reach locations, such as tall buildings, industrial facilities or inaccessible work zones. Furthermore, the truck-mounted aerial platforms can be easily maneuvered thanks to the integrated control system, allowing operators to position themselves precisely and reach the desired areas.

Discover the new CGTE rental van platforms

Providing customers with integrated and innovative solutions to help them achieve their goals quickly and effectively has always been one of the goals of CGTE which welcomes the truck-mounted platform on VAN or van platform into its rental fleet.

Perfect for the maintenance of street lighting, as well as for pruning work or the maintenance of telecommunications networks, the van platform, equipped with an outreach of 7.3 metres, can reach 12.5 meters in height with a capacity of 120 kg.

The new truck-mounted rental platforms from CGTE guarantee safety, stability and speed of use: the articulated arm with the fiberglass basket is installed on a van that does not include stabilizers, which are therefore no longer necessary to secure the vehicle and operator. As with most trucks, a B license is sufficient to drive it; the van also allows you to transport goods and you can use it quickly without having to stabilize or use a second vehicle.

 CGTE Rental