Rent small equipment at the CGTE branch in Trento


Rent small equipment at the CGTE branch in Trento

The CGTE branch in Trento also offers the rental of small equipment!

Whether you are a private individual or a business Trento CGTE branch offers rental solutions for all your needs, from renovation work to garden maintenance and care, from room heating to material handling and much more!

In the CGTE branch in Trento it is possible not only to rent machinery and equipment for the construction site but also small equipment dedicated to craftsmen, which allows all types of professionals or private individuals to carry out precision work!

Rental of small equipment for craftsmen in Trento

Bricklayers, installers, gardeners, painters, plumbers, electricians and construction professionals need specific, safe and effective equipment to carry out their work. The Trento CGTE branch has the Artisans Fleet in its rental fleet, where professionals and private individuals can find all the equipment and power tools for industrial, wood, metal, surface, masonry and stone processing.

The equipment available in the CGTE branch in Trento includes, for example, rental scaffolding, suitable for painting jobs. The Trento CGTE branch offers a wide range of rental scaffolding, our models are both compact and require assembly and reach a height of 13 metres.

If your business instead deals with gardening maintenance and care of greenery, the Trento CGTE fleet has the right equipment for you! For example, our rental aerators are the ideal tool for cleaning your turf, removing moss, and leaves that prevent the grass from breathing and nutritional substances from penetrating the soil.

To discover all the other rental equipment available in our Craftsmen Fleet visit the Trento CGTE fleet!