Rent small equipment at the CGTE branch in West Milan


Rent small equipment at the CGTE branch in West Milan

The new CGTE branch in West Milan is open!

In the new branch CGTE in West Milan in addition to the rental of construction machinery, our customers will have the opportunity to rent small equipment from our Craftsmen Fleet. Whether you are a private individual or a company, CGTE with its fleet guarantees you the best rental equipment for your business.

Equipment rental for bricklayers, electricians and plumbers in West Milan

The CGTE branch in West Milan offers a wide range of equipment for professionals who deal with maintenance and renovations. Our Artisan Fleet in the West Milan branch offers rental machines and equipment suitable for any type of renovation work.

For example, for fixing work on fences and railings, for the installation of heating and ventilation ducts or for making holes up to 45 cm in diameter in the Milan West branch it is possible to rent both wet and dry core drills.

Wet core drills for hire are recommended if the material to be drilled does not tend to absorb water, the CGTE rental wet core drill is also equipped with its own column support. Dry core drills for hire instead are recommended for construction work such as laying electrical cables or other light jobs that do not require deep or larger diameter drilling.

Surface treatment equipment rental in West Milan

The CGTE branch in West Milan  rents equipment suitable for the treatment of any type of surface from wood to carpet, such as scrapers, scarifiers, sanders, cleaners, polishers, grinders and edge sanders.

For example, if you need to smooth a surface, CGTE offers the rental sander, ideal for smoothing fresh screeds, substrates or fresh concrete. The rental sanders are also suitable for small sanding and scraping glue residue jobs after removing carpet or linoleum and for sanding concrete, wood or terracotta flooring.

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