Safe pruning with excavators and mini-excavators

Find out which excavators or mini-excavators to rent during pruning and green maintenance operations

Pruning of trees and plants is a necessary operation not only to safeguard the health of the trees involved in the intervention but also to guarantee the safety of the surrounding area, preventing the collapse of branches or other dangerous objects. Do you know that excavators and mini-excavators, thanks to their versatility and the large number of accessories with which they can be combined, are also useful machines during felling, pruning and green maintenance operations? At our rental centers you will find a wide range of solutions for pruning, cutting and thinning greenery.

Excavators or mini-excavators?

The main criteria for choosing whether to rent an excavator and a mini-excavator are its size and power, these must be suitable for the type of operation we are going to carry out.

Tracked or wheeled?

When we carry out an activity on uneven or soft ground, it is advisable to always use a mini-excavator or tracked excavator since the width and distance of the tracks promote stability.


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What equipment should be combined with mini-excavators and tracked excavators for safe and effective pruning?

In our rental park there are various pieces of equipment which, if combined with mini-excavators or tracked excavators, can help you with your greenery maintenance operations. When we are faced with large root systems or stumps, ripper teeth are the best solution! Their single-point tooth offers optimal penetration to eradicate even the deepest roots; it is possible to rent ripper teeth combined with mini-tracked excavators 301.7 CAT, 303 CAT and tracked excavators 318 CAT, 318 triplice CAT, M313 CAT.

For felling trees and general green maintenance, we recommend renting our brushcutters, which are compatible with mini-tracked excavators 301.7 CAT. Another useful piece of equipment for felling are felling grapples, which are not only suitable for deforestation but also for cutting trees or bushes on the edge of fields, rivers, roads, etc., they can be used with mini-tracked excavators 305 CAT. If, however, during your pruning you need to consolidate the soil or build fences with underground poles, we recommend renting augers, widely used in both agriculture and landscaping, which can be combined with a tracked mini-excavator. 301.7 CAT.

During your landscaping operation, you will certainly need to move trees, stumps or roots; CGTE offers a wide range of equipment you can rent for just this! If you have rented a mini-crawler excavator 303 CAT, you can rent forestry log grapples which are suitable for moving cut wood and loading it to feed chippers. With the rent of a tracked mini-excavator 305 CAT,  we recommend a stump cutter wood splitter which are highly appreciated by forestry operators given their versatility; in fact, these equipment are not only capable of splitting logs but with their tip it will also be possible to remove logs without damaging the surrounding floors (sidewalks, roads, etc.).

If you decide to rent tracked excavators, the equipment for tree and stump removal available to you in the CGTE catalog is different. For example, if we are using a crawler excavator 313 CAT, the best machine to rent for removing shrubs, plants or trunks is the forestry mulcher, especially useful if we have to reach places that are not easily accessible such as embankments and roadsides, riverbeds, steep construction sites and railway lines. Stump removers, on the other hand, are machines used to remove and destroy stumps, whatever their diameter; this equipment not only allows you to export the stump and remove the roots, but thanks to the auger it can split the stump that remains to rot, if the cylinder is used. We recommend renting this equipment if you use tracked excavators 313 CAT, 318 CAT, 318 triplice CAT, M313 CAT.

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Other useful tools during pruning

If you find yourself with buried stumps that are not easily accessible, the best equipment to rent is a stump grinder. This machine is very important and requested during the care of green spaces given its resistance and simplicity which makes the work of thinning the greenery not only more efficient but also faster.

During the final phase of pruning, you will certainly need to reduce the waste produced and make it easily removable; for this reason, we recommend renting a chipper, which not only represents the simplest solution but also the most ecological one. Furthermore, thanks to its tracks the chipper is an easy machine to transport, unload and load.