Skid steer and tracked loaders for rent

Skid steer and tracked loaders for rent they offer maximum productivity and optimal performance in a variety of work applications.

Equipped with a four-wheel steering system, the skid steer loaders for rent they allow greater maneuverability and agility even in narrow spaces and congested areas. For example, the skid steer loaders for rent S70, with its 90 cm width, it is extremely compact. The steering system also offers greater stability during movements and lifting operations.

Compact track loaders, on the other hand, are highly versatile and robust machines, which offer exceptional performance even in difficult ground conditions. Equipped with tracks that offer superior traction compared to rubber wheels, they allow you to tackle challenging jobs and operate on slippery, muddy or uneven terrain.

The versatility of rental skid steer loaders

Do you need to move materials, level land, dig or cut? No problem: the rental skid steer loaders from the CGTE fleet can be equipped with a wide range of attachments available to meet multiple needs.

One of the main advantages of rental skid steer and track loaders is that they are extremely versatile. Skid steer loaders can mount various attachments and accessories such as forks, mixing buckets, forestry mulchers, drum or disc cutters, snow blades and beach cleaners, adapting to a wide range of jobs.

Do you have to take care of greenery maintenance? The CAT289 is the rental skid steer that can be right for you. You can equip it with brushcutters and forestry mulchers for cutting grass, shrubs and trees in areas such as riverbeds, construction sites, land reclamation, power lines and firebreaks.

 CGTE Rental

Innovative hydraulic system

The skid steer of the rental fleet  CGTE, they are equipped with an innovative hydraulic system, designed to guarantee precise control and a rapid response to different operations. One of the main advantages is the ability to provide superior pushing and lifting force.

The hydraulic controls then allow you to raise, lower and tilt the accessories with extreme precision, increasing efficiency and reducing errors to a minimum. Advanced hydraulic circuits ensure optimal distribution of power and hydraulic performance, ensuring greater stability and control during lifting and loading operations.