Loaders for rent: construction equipment with maximum versatility

Discover the different possible applications when you rent a Loader!

Do you think a loaders is simply a machine? Wrong!

When you rent a loader from the CGTE fleet, you are actually renting an endless series of machines. It all depends on the accessory that is paired with it.

Which skid steer loaders and accessories to rent based on the type of work?

If you are working in a renovation or demolition and you need to pass through door openings, we recommend renting an S70 skid steer loader which, with its 90 cm width, is extremely compact and therefore suitable for your needs.

However, when your work concerns the maintenance of greenery, in the CGTE rental fleet you can find compact tracked loaders, such as the CAT 289, equipped with specific equipment for this type of work. For example, this tracked mini loader can be coupled with brushcutters and forestry mulchers for mowing grass, shrubs and trees in areas such as riverbeds, construction sites, land reclamation, power lines and firebreaks.

Finally, if you are in a seaside area and need to clean sandy coasts from debris and residues, in the CGTE rental park you can rent a skid steer with beach cleaning equipment.

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Rental of skid steer loaders coupled with blades

If you decide to rent a skid steer loader like the CAT 262, when coupled with a bucket with teeth it becomes an exceptional piece of construction equipment for earth moving. While when the mini wheel loader is coupled to a bucket with blade (without teeth), the same mini wheel loader becomes suitable for spreading material and creating surfaces.

When the floors to be created must be billiard tables, the best solution is to rent a compact tracked loader, such as the CAT 289 model from the CGTE rental fleet, together with a 6-way blade, thanks to which the compact tracked loader will be able to follow your project faithfully, being angular in 3 directions. Another construction equipment, available for rental, suitable for leveling is the laser-controlled leveling blade, capable of working in fully automatic mode.

The rental of skid steer loaders increases especially in winter since when combined with snow blades, they are ideal for clearing yards, roads and car parks after a heavy snowfall.

Equipment that can be combined with skid steer loaders for construction site work

If on your construction site you need a skid steer that can move on any type of terrain, our rental skid steers can transform into an off-road forklift. Simply unhook the bucket or blade you rented and mount the forks.

When you need to produce concrete on your construction site, you can combine the rental of a mini wheel loader, of the CAT 242 type, with a mixing bucket, so as not only to produce concrete but also to transport it directly to the place where it will be poured.

However, if your need is to open excavations on a road or concrete pavement, all you have to do is rent a mini wheel loader in the CAT 262 model combined with the rental of a drum cutter (available with cutting width from 40 to 100 cm and depths up to 150 mm) or to rent a disc cutter to open trenches with a smaller section (8/12 cm) but depths up to 60 cm.

Finally, if after your work is completed you need to clean the construction site area, the perfect solution for you is to rent a skid steer with sweeper and collection bucket, capable of cleaning squares, roads, car parks and warehouses.