The autumn season is upon us and CGTE offers its customers a complete range of rental heating solutions!

Electric stoves, or electric heaters, they are among the most versatile thermal control solutions, depending on the quantity and arrangement they can be used in very different contexts: from heating small closed work areas to carrying out stress tests in data centers. This rental heating solution, being single-phase or three-phase electrically powered, it provides heating cleanly and safely without any emissions.

The CGTE range of oil-fired hot air heaters for hire

Our range of so-called “cannons” is extremely wide and ranges from 15-20 kW up to 60-80kW . This rental heaters they provide dry, warm air and allow you to operate even where there is no electrical power available. Versatile, they allow you to operate in any type of environment, including construction, for which ventilation is provided. Another rental solution is the infrared heater. This solution, by directing the radiation, allows you to heat and eliminate humidity in targeted areas such as walls and specific objects and can therefore be used to speed up renovation work or to avoid freezing of pipes and/or machinery in particularly difficult climatic conditions. rigid.

With CGTE you can rent heaters and complementary machines

To complete the heating range, CGTE offers large-sized heaters for rental: mobile rooftop heaters and hot air generators183 kW . These solutions are ideal for large volume contexts such as events and industrial contexts. Solutions such as rooftops are often complimented by special technological solutions for reference applications such as heated floors and walls for events.

Alongside the rental heaters mentioned above, CGTE has a series of complementary machines for ventilation and dehumidification in its fleet.

CGTE consultants are available to their customers to define the rental solution best suited to their specific needs, to maximize its effectiveness and efficiency”