The best rental aerial platforms for installing lights

How to choose which aerial platforms to use for the installation of lights?

In our cities, especially during the Christmas period, we are surrounded by illuminated signs or Christmas lights that make the atmosphere around us more festive and pleasant. To create all this, CGTE puts at your disposal a vast rental fleet of aerial platforms that will make the installation of lights easy, simple and safe.

The aerial platforms in our rental park are the perfect machines for installing lights, as they not only guarantee the operator’s safety, but thanks to their integrated controls they can be moved to the most difficult to reach points.

What types of aerial platforms are most suitable for installing lights?

CGTE’s rental fleet includes several types of aerial platforms that can be useful in lighting installations, including truck-mounted platforms, electric vertical platforms, electric column platforms and electric articulated platforms.

If your operation will mainly take place outdoors, for example if you are decorating a town or the outside of a private residence, we recommend renting truck-mounted platforms. The truck-mounted platforms available for rental with CGTE are: the HX 195 Multitel Pagliero model which allows a working height of 19 metres, the HX 200 EX Multitel Pagliero which instead allows you to reach 20 meters and finally, you can rent a platform truck-mounted in the MX 250 Multitel Pagliero model which reaches up to 25 meters in height, thanks to which you will reach even the tops of the tallest trees!

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Electric vertical platforms are aerial platforms more suitable for internal use and guarantee maneuverability and lightness, very useful if, for example, your installation of lights is inside shopping centers or event halls. The CGTE electric vertical rental platforms are available in different types and heights: if the installation of lights will be carried out at low heights, we recommend the Leonardo HD BRAVI platform, which reaches 5 meters in height and is ideal for work in places that are not easily accessible.

The GS 1932 GENIE electric vertical platform, on the other hand, can be used to set up both outdoors and indoors but is also zero-emission!

If your installation of lights will take place on buildings or even very tall Christmas trees, then we recommend renting electric vertical platforms in the GS 2632 GENIE models, which reaches 10 metres, GS 3246 GENIE, equipped with front-wheel drive, radius of zero turning and which can reach 12 meters and the X16EV AIRO model, the tallest in the CGTE rental park, which reaches 16 metres, to make your Christmas lights reach even the tallest buildings.

If, however, for your lighting installation operation you wish to combine height and load capacity, we recommend renting the GS 4047 GENIE electric vertical platform which not only reaches 14 meters in height but can also support 350 kg of weight.

Electric column platforms are excellent if you are trying to decorate a tree that is not easily accessible, in fact they are compact, have a low weight, and are suitable for limited spaces. In the CGTE rental fleet you can rent the aerial platform of this type in the 100 VJR MANITOU model.

If during the installation of lights you need to rent a machine that not only allows you to operate at high altitude but also allows you to operate “cantilevered”, therefore having the ability to operate both vertically and horizontally, we we recommend the rental of electric articulated platforms. Electric articulated platforms vary depending on your needs, for example if the installation of lights takes place on a building or a horizontal surface, you will need to move “cantilevered”, i.e. from one side to the other horizontally; for this reason we recommend the 120 AETJ C MANITOU model, an aerial platform with a height of 12 meters and a horizontal outreach of 7. Or, you can rent our Z60/37 FE GENIE platform with a horizontal outreach of 11.15 metres, the longest long in our rental fleet.

If during the disinstallation of the lights you will have to carry them inside the platform, and therefore you are looking for a platform that can support a high weight, the best solutions in our rental fleet are the Z45/25J GENIE and Z34N GENIE models which can both support up to at 227 kg. Finally, if the installation of lights requires two operators simultaneously on the same aerial platform, we recommend renting a 150 AETJ C MANITOU or 170 AETJ L MANITOU model.

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Complementary Machines

Other machinery that can be used during the installation of lights or in combination with aerial platforms are forklifts. Forklifts can be for internal use, such as the J 2.5 XN HYSTER electric forklift model, or for external use. For example, the forklifts in the H 2.5 XT HYSTER and GDP30 MX YALE models are suitable for outdoor use and have a capacity of 2500 and 3000 kg respectively.

What are the advantages of renting aerial platforms?

Mounting lights, setting up events or decorating town centers are operations that require specific and safe equipment. Rental of this equipment is the most effective and also the cheapest solution. If you decide to rent with CGTE, not only will you find recent and safe machinery but a 24/7 assistance service and also the guarantee that CGTE will take care of transport and return.

If you are looking for precise information on the type of machinery and the best equipment for you, you can contact us for personalized advice!