Trencher rental for trench digging

Why is trencher rental the best solution for digging a trench?

If you have to deal with a job of installing underground services (such as a telephone or electricity line, fiber optics, a gas or liquid conduction network or an irrigation system) trencher rental is the ideal solution to tackle your job with the maximum effectiveness.

What advantages does trencher rental offer?

The trenchers (or trench diggers) of the CGTE rental fleet in fact guarantee many advantages compared to any other excavation system:

  • They are faster and more productive than bucket excavators in digging trenches;
  • They guarantee reduced dimensions and do not require other machinery (such as demolition hammers) and consequently increase safety on construction sites;
  • They allow you to carry out the work with maximum precision, always digging to the desired depth and width.

What are the rental trenchers in the CGTE fleet?

The RTX130 trencher is available in the CGTE rental fleet, which creates trenches up to a depth of 60 cm, therefore suitable for both light uses and very demanding applications.

The RTX130 trench digger offers exceptional maneuverability thanks to the traction with rubber tracks which makes it versatile and able to move on any type of surface without causing damage to even the most delicate ones such as turf. The width of just 89 cm allows the RTX130 trencher to easily extricate itself even in the narrowest environments.

The CGTE RTX130 rental trencher is equipped with an “operator presence detection” system which disengages the excavation if the operator leaves the controls, for maximum safety in any working condition.

Services included in trencher rental with CGTE

And to complete your CGTE projects you can also rent the SC181H sod cutter to delicately remove the turf before digging the trench (in contexts such as parks, gardens and sports fields) and a wide range of rental trucks for transport of your rental cars in total autonomy.

If you prefer not to worry, we’ll take care of everything: if necessary, CGTE provides transport for the delivery and collection of the rental trencher at your construction site as well as the training service for your operators for correct, safe and productive use of the rental trencher.

Like all the machines in the CGTE fleet, the trencher can also be rented from 1 day to long-term: whether you need to build a new irrigation system in the garden of a house or face a challenging contract for laying optical fiber in a municipality, CGTE always has the solution tailored for you.