Wood chippers rental, how and when to use them?


Wood chippers rental, how and when to use them?

What are CGTE’s wood chippers for rent?

The wood chipper is a machine used to reduce wood into small chips. The material produced is called wood chips and has a size ranging from 10 to approximately 70 millimetres. It can be used in industrial processes to produce paper or panels, or be used as a fuel.

When to use a rental wood chipper?

Have you pruned fruit plants or tall trees, bushes or shrubs or have you reclaimed a part of the forest? Once the work is completed you find yourself submerged in branches and brambles that you have to get rid of.

At this point you have 2 alternatives:

Loading everything and taking it to the landfill to dispose of requires further long and tiring work
Use a chipper like the CH170 from the CGTE rental fleet and reduce your material to wood chips directly on site, making it easily and quickly transportable.

The CH170 rental chipper is in fact capable of shredding leaves, brambles and branches up to 13 cm in diameter, reducing their size many times over, transforming a bulky pile into practical material for transport with a rental van with sides as high as the Iveco Daily.

The CH170 chipper from the CGTE rental fleet is also equipped with rubber tracks which make it independent in loading and unloading operations from means of transport and free to move around the construction site on any surface, reaching any point where its use is necessary.

The choice to chip branches and brambles is not only the right choice to increase the productivity of the construction site, but it is also the most ecological one: in fact it transforms waste into a reusable resource for cultivation, heating and industry and avoids having to handle various means for its disposal to no avail.

A solution that is still widely used is to burn the branches. This practice is polluting and sometimes illegal. Wood chipper rental offers an easy, fast and safe alternative to this problem.

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How do you use a rental wood chipper safely?

Whether the rental chipper is large or small, the method of use and the rules to be respected are always the same and the use of protection is always required.

  • Glasses: it may happen that when feeding the hopper with branches these move or vibrate, risking hitting the operator’s face. It may also happen that some woody fragments are thrown from the hopper and risk hitting the operator.
  • Earmuffs or earplugs. Although the CH170 wood chipper from the CGTE rental fleet is extremely quiet, prolonged exposure to intense noise can cause damage.
  • Robust gloves. They are used to handle the material to be inserted into the hopper safely, without fear of thorns or splinters
  • Tight-fitting clothes. Especially when handling large branches, it may happen that the material is loaded into the hopper with both hands. It is best that sweaters and jackets do not get caught in the branches.
  • Dust mask: especially if you are chipping very dry woody material, a large quantity of dust can form when the material is discharged.

Which machines can a rental chipper be combined with?

The high sided truck is the ideal partner for the rental chipper.

Not only does it allow you to transport it comfortably to the construction site, but it also allows you to directly load large quantities of wood chips and quickly dispose of waste from the construction site during its production.

If you have to deal with tree pruning jobs, you will certainly resort to renting an aerial platform to work safely at high heights.

In the CGTE rental fleet you will find a wide range of B and C license high sided trucks, with short or long wheelbase and truck-mounted or self-propelled aerial platforms, to build the ideal solution for your needs.