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News - 23/11/23

We are proud to present the new Corporate CGTE video!

We created it with the aim of creating a product that was at the same time emotional (capable of raising people’s awareness by bringing them to know our values ​​and arousing pleasant sensations and memories) and industrial (i.e. capable of presenting services and products, putting highlight the evolution, strengths and dynamism that characterize us).

Like any self-respecting video, our new Corporate video also has a main protagonist. In our case it could only be a Customer, that is, the key figure in all our activities and the one around whom we concentrate all our energy.

Through our Client’s journey we will tell you how at CGTE we interpret our mission as a leading multi-specialist rental company, exploring and discovering together with him 7 fundamental aspects of our business and our work.

1. The importance of communication

We are a modern, dynamic and proactive company for which connection with customers is a key aspect developed daily through market and local coverage, using every communication tool at our disposal.

2. Our business model: one of a kind

Our being a truly market-oriented company, our concept of relationship with customers through branches built to meet their needs and the ecosystem of which we are proudly part: the TESYA Group, the Caterpillar world and the Cat Rental Store network .

3. Renting in CGTE: a superior rental experience

Care and attention to every detail characterize every aspect and phase of our work.

4. The total connectivity of our rental fleet

The modern and technological management of the largest and youngest rental fleet in Italy, which turns into advantages for customers such as less downtime, greater productivity, always guaranteed vehicle efficiency, lower fuel consumption and increased safety.

5. Customer Service

The importance of technical assistance for CGTE, constantly supported by key concepts such as competence, training, problem-solving ability and use of cutting-edge technology.

6. Sustainability: the social value of rental

Rental, our work, is a flag of the circular economy and will contribute in the future to significantly reduce CO2 emissions by promoting the more effective use of fewer machines in construction and industry.

7. We are a green company, because it is not enough for us to contribute to improving the future, but we want to have an impact today!

This is why we implement responsible actions and behaviors on a daily basis to reduce the impact of our structures and our activities on the environment.

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