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News - 23/11/23

The CGTE approach for sustainable temporary installations


CGTE and the TESYA group have always tried to share sustainable development policies aimed at young people and new generations. This is why our approach to rental has an eye towards the future. Environmental responsibility is a priority.

Our duty towards future generations forces us to have a responsible approach towards the environment.

In particular, the rental of temporary installations (construction site compounds, events, scheduled maintenance in the industry but not only) is designed from the beginning to radically optimize the environmental impact of the same.

In the latest developments, CGTE has introduced:

  • modular structures with mobile photovoltaic panel systems
  • battery pack systems for energy storage
  • Tier 5 class generators with low consumption and emissions
  • custom-designed systems for optimizing consumption for thermal control installations such as mobile floor heating systems and air conveyors
  • full electric telescopic handlers
  • electric and hybrid articulated platforms are also suitable for outdoor use.

Everything is engineered, designed and installed/uninstalled by CGTE based on the customer’s specific needs

And the reduction in environmental impact is notable. For example, on the emissions of energy produced by generators rented by CGTE, the percentages of emissions reduction compared to the recent 2020 are as follows: -33% CO; -80% HC, -92% Nox, 97% PM

In this panorama, CGTE is the first rental company to have obtained the ISO20121 (Event Sustainable Events) certification.

Sustainability, however, is not only environmental but also economic. All these savings translate into lower fuel consumption, a very significant cost item with regards to the operations of rental customers.

The new generation systems allow savings in terms of consumption of 30% compared to the best solutions of just 2-3 years ago, and CGTE thanks to the latest generation fleet of vehicles (average age less than 3 years) and the internal study of engineering can guarantee the best performance for the environment and for customers.

CGTE: the security of having an ISO 20121:2012 certified supplier

CGTE is the first company that was able to obtain ISO20121 certification for the design and rental of solutions for sustainable events

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