Rental trend: TESYA in the top positions

News - 23/11/23

International Rental News (IRN) magazine has just published the 2021 IRN100 ranking which groups together the top 100 companies in the world in equipment rental.

Despite the pandemic, TESYA ranked 66th worldwide and 27th in Europe, increasing its rental revenue in a year that saw the global rental market collapse for the first time since 2008.

With more than €100M of investment in rental fleets in 2020, TESYA positioned itself in 18th place globally, demonstrating all the Group’s security and strategic orientation towards rental and the circular economy.

Further investments have already been made in 2021 – with the acquisition of Energyst and GM Noleggi – and others are still underway.

As CGTE, we are proud to have made a decisive contribution to achieving this result with our rental business.

Congratulations to all of us!

Once again, we demonstrated ALL THE STRENGTH OF THE GROUP.

 CGTE Rental