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News - 23/11/23

Milan, 15 April 2021

Yesterday we concluded the acquisition of GM Noleggi srl, a historic company specializing in the rental of solutions for public works, construction and industry which operates with 4 branches in Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto.

With this operation we become the most important Italian company in multi-service rental, with a fleet of more than 8,500 units of over 500 different models, and we further strengthen our presence in an area extraordinarily rich in opportunities such as the North East.

GM Noleggi, in fact, is firmly rooted in the territories in which it was established exactly 30 years ago by the Viola family, who, under the guidance of Piergiorgio first and of their daughter Alessia with her husband Andrea Moschen then, was able to make it the local point of reference in the rental field, offering 360° professionalism and experience. Andrea Moschen, current Commercial Director of GM Noleggi, will guarantee continuity of company management by personally accompanying this project, with a long-term commitment.

The acquisition of GM Noleggi is part of CGTE’s development path, which envisages growth along both external lines with companies with high specialist skills, and internally with the creation of new branches (in 2020 Livorno, Parma, and Udine).

“For some time now we have had the opportunity to collaborate with GM Noleggi, finding in their way of operating the same values ​​that characterize us” declares Max Rossi, CEO of CGTE. “We expect great synergies from this union that will consolidate and strengthen CGTE’s market position.”

“My thoughts go to my father-in-law Piergiorgio Viola who founded GM Noleggi thirty years ago. I think he would be very proud to see his creation merge into CGTE. Personally, I am very proud to be part of this new reality which I believe is destined to say a lot in the coming years about redefining the concept of rental in Italy”, underlines Andrea Moschen, Commercial Director of GM Noleggi. “Our country needs this type of company to grow. Only a quality rental service can help companies develop. The enthusiasm for our work is accompanied by the sense of responsibility that our new position in this group holds.”

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