Rent the generators suitable for your Christmas events

Find out why generators are necessary and which ones to choose for your events

The rental of generator sets is necessary, especially during the Christmas period, to ensure that there are no blackouts and to ensure that you always have the right reserve of electricity available. The CGTE rental park offers different types of generators to adapt to your every need!

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Diesel or petrol generator sets?

The first question to ask yourself when deciding to rent generator sets is what type of power supply we want. In our rental fleet there are generators powered by both diesel and petrol.

Diesel generator sets, such as the 500 kVA CATERPILLAR XQP500 generator set, are often requested during the Christmas period by shopping centres; this is because such large structures need greater power to ensure they do not risk a day of closure, caused by a blackout, in a crowded period such as Christmas.

Petrol generators, on the other hand, are more compact, have a lighter weight and can be transported easily. They are often rented during the winter as safety generators for small businesses, as they may temporarily run out of power due to heavy snowfall. In this case we recommend renting the 2.0 kVA generator set which weighs only 22 kg and is small in size, therefore not cluttered inside a shop or even a restaurant.

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What type of generator sets to rent?

Generators, thanks to their characteristics, are essential machinery for all types of events. If you decide to rent a generator for a smaller event, we recommend machinery that has an on-board socket panel. For example, to power a Christmas event such as an ice rink, we recommend renting a 150 kVA generator which will guarantee your event the necessary energy without having to add an external panel for distribution to different power lines.

The rental of generators is ideal for events concentrated in a very short time and therefore do not allow for mishaps. Although the generator sets in the CGTE rental fleet are all soundproofed, if you are organizing a Christmas show and therefore you will need energy but also the greatest silence possible, we recommend renting a 33 kVA generator set with noise emissions of only 61 dB(A ). If, however, your Christmas event, for example a New Year’s Eve vigil, requires the greatest possible soundproofing but also requires a lot of energy, we recommend the 380 kVA generator set or a 67 kVA generator set which, thanks to their casing with modular panels in galvanized steel they will ensure soundproofing.

During the Christmas period, we often find Christmas markets in our cities which, being real small Christmas villages, will have a high energy consumption. In these cases we recommend renting the 1000 kVA generator, the most powerful in the CGTE rental fleet. To ensure that the current is constant and able to power your event, we recommend using two generator sets in parallel. For example, if during a Christmas concert you use two 280 kVA generators in parallel, in the event of an unexpected blackout the second generator will be activated, making the unexpected event invisible to your spectators.

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Why rent your generator sets with CGTE?

By renting generator sets from our rental fleet you will have the opportunity to request the fuel management service with fuel supplied by CGTE. Rental of generator sets with CGTE will guarantee you recent machines, scrupulously checked and 7/24 assistance for your every need. Furthermore, CGTE offers a service of inspection, design, construction of electrical systems with dedicated and qualified technicians and disinstallation at the end of the rental.