Rental of barriers, toilets and containers for the organization of events

Improve your events and your construction sites with the rental of barriers, containers and sanitary containers

The rental of barriers, containers and sanitary containers often takes place during public events or demonstrations. for example, the rental of containers and sanitary fixtures can be used due to lack of space or services to make the event more accessible and better organised.

Barriers rental, what types exist and which one to rent?

Rental barriers are used on construction sites, events, public or private demonstrations to protect objects and people, organize logistics or traffic, prevent access to inaccessible areas for safety reasons.

The CGTE rental fleet offers different types of barriers, each suitable for specific uses; for example, when we operate on a construction site, it is useful to rent low barriers, in the CETA model, characterized by a tubular frame along all sides, simple and quick to assemble and dismantle, light, robust, stable, safe and resistant to both impacts and collisions and bad weather. If, however, you decide to rent barriers to create a temporary fence we recommend the Orsogrill model, this type of rental barrier thanks to its height of 2 meters is ideal for delimiting temporary areas. For events such as concerts or fairs, where the presence of a large amount of the public is expected, the most suitable rental barriers are anti-panic ones in compliance with the institutions’ requests.

Which bathroom fixtures to rent to improve accessibility?

Often, when dealing with the organization of events, in addition to the need to manage people’s safety, it is necessary to provide for the availability of services. Among these, the rental of sanitary ware is of fundamental importance. In the CGTE rental fleet you will find a large variety of rental bathroom fixtures, suitable for the most diverse needs.

The rental of sanitary containers in the cabin is suitable in areas where the space available is minimal, or in places that require passage through reduced access, such as small or vertically developed construction sites, renovations or maintenance in existing buildings. In fact, this model is characterized by small dimensions and very low weight.

For less temporary needs and when larger spaces allow their use, the recommended choice is the rental of mobile sanitary fixtures in the containerized version, which among other things offer the possibility of being connected to water and sewage systems.

The rental CGTE sanitary services are equipped with everything that is essential for daily hygiene (toilets, urinals, showers, sinks…) and are therefore suitable to satisfy the needs of use of a huge variety of work, recreational and sporting needs and playful.

Furthermore, the toilets in rental containers are also available in a deluxe version, with fine finishes and luxury furnishings, suitable for use at events attended by a decidedly demanding and refined public.

Why rent containers from the CGTE rental fleet?

The natural completion of a rental module used as a toilet is the rental of containers or housing modules which, thanks to their extreme versatility, can be used in any area and situation in which it is necessary to create habitable environments intended for: offices, dormitories, warehouses, canteens and many other uses.

Thanks to the extreme flexibility of CGTE rental containers, they can be assembled into constructions that adapt to any type of space or surface. Furthermore, they can be completed with furnishings or services such as air conditioning and heating.