Roller rental, the ideal companions for compacting materials


Roller rental, the ideal companions for compacting materials

The rental rollers and vibrating plates from the CGTE fleet are perfect for any type of job!

Resurfacing, replacement or renovation are some of the most requested flooring jobs in the construction field. To best carry out these jobs we recommend renting rollers and vibrating plates, which go well with even very complex work.

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Rental of vibrating plates for compaction work

Soil compaction, whatever the material, is an event that occurs on most construction sites. Thanks to the rental of vibrating plates, these materials will no longer have to be tampered with by hand as previously. The CGTE rental fleet offers you a wide range of this type of equipment, for example we suggest renting an APF 2050 vibrating plate with diesel power, it is the most powerful rental vibrating plate in our rental fleet.

Before carrying out an operation with a rental vibrating plate it is important to keep in mind that the pressing of different materials has its own characteristics. Vibrating plates that weigh more than 140 kg, such as the PV 300 model in the CGTE rental park, are used to carry out compaction operations, suitable for any type of surface, allowing the compaction of corners and difficult to access areas such as bumps and slopes .

What are the types of rental rollers in the CGTE fleet?

Rental rollers are an operating machine mainly used in carrying out many operations including the restoration and repair of pavements, railways, trenches and canals. If your operation requires the rental of rollers equipped to work in narrow spaces, such as small passages or sidewalks, we recommend the rental of rollers in the Ammann ARX 12 model; these rental rollers are perfect for your needs thanks to their width of only 820mm.

The CGTE rental fleet also has large rental rollers, such as the Caterpillar CB34 model which not only has a compaction width of 1300 mm but also offers top performance in terms of productivity and comfort. For operations such as the construction of road works, infrastructure, primary urbanization works on new construction sites and maintenance, restoration and repair of roads, however, you will need to rent large rollers such as the CS54B CAT which has a compaction width of 2134 mm, the largest of the entire CGTE rental fleet.

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The best rental vibratory rammers for your needs

CGTE rental vibratory rammers are characterized by the best advancement characteristics in the sector, working productively in every application and obtaining optimal compaction results. It is precisely the advancement characteristics that make them ideal for compaction professionals. For deep compaction (up to 70 cm per single pass) in narrow (minimum 28 cm) and deep excavations such as trenches or manhole perimeters, renting a vibro rammer in the Ammann ACR 70D model is the ideal choice: light (only 83 kg) but extremely powerful. Rental vibratory rammers are so easy to use that they can be used optimally at every level of experience. They also offer excellent operating comfort, thanks to the low-vibration guide bracket. By renting our vibratory rammers, fatigue is reduced to a minimum, to optimize production performance.