Truck rental and new highway code

What changes with the new highway code?

With the publication of the Infrastructure Decree in the Official Journal, the Highway Code has undergone important modifications and changes that will influence various areas of road traffic. For example, the fines for those who throw rubbish out of the window will increase and the notification of the reduction of driving license points will cease; but the biggest changes concern the use of devices while driving, pedestrian crossings and level crossings. Find out which ones and how to rent trucks safely with CGTE!

Rent trucks safely with CGTE

CGTE, always attentive to safety, invites all customers who rent one of the over 500 trucks that make up its rental fleet to comply with all traffic regulations.

In the CGTE rental park you can rent trucks that can be driven with a B license with a 3-seater cabin equipped with a trilateral tipping body such as the IVECO Daily with a capacity of 1050 kg also in the version with a crane with a capacity of 750 kg, or you can rent a truck with a 7-seater cabin and fixed body and 1,200 kg capacity, ideal for transporting your team and the material needed for the construction site in a single vehicle.

If you need a truck with a greater capacity, the right choice is to rent the IVECO Daily 6 ton model with 3-seater cab, with a payload of 2700 kg, a one-sided tipping body but, unlike the other trucks in the CGTE rental fleet, it is usable only with C driving licence.

 CGTE Rental

In the event that to carry out your operation you have to move in narrow spaces such as historic centers or mountain resorts, you can opt to rent a Piaggio Porter NP6 truck, the latest addition to the CGTE rental fleet, which despite its ultra-compact dimensions with a width of 1.8 m and a length of 4.5 m guarantees a capacity of 1,100 kg.

Instead, for all cases in which it is necessary to transport goods with particular attention to the environment, in the CGTE rental fleet the rental of a 100% electric Polaris Ranger vehicle is available, which guarantees a capacity of 227 kg and thanks to road approval it can circulate in urban areas open to traffic, transportable only with B driving licence.

Other important changes to the Highway Code

In addition to those mentioned above, there are other changes to the highway code that are useful to know for safe driving.

Smartphones, laptops, notebooks, tablets and similar devices have been added to the list of tools that cannot be used while driving a vehicle. Any violation is accompanied by a fine.

New obligations also for driving near pedestrian crossings, in fact, motorists will have to give priority not only to pedestrians who appear to have started crossing the lanes, but also to those who appear to be about to do so.

Finally, the ban on crossing the level crossing can be controlled using special devices, dedicated to the automatic assessment and detection of violations, installed by the railway infrastructure manager.