Wheeled dumper or tracked dumper rental?


Wheeled dumper or tracked dumper rental?

What are the types of Dumpers for rent in the CGTE fleet?

In the CGTE rental fleet, various models of rental dumpers are available in different versions and sizes: wheeled dumpers and tracked dumpers, with diesel or electric power and capacities from 400 L to 2,700 L.

For what type of work should you rent a Dumper?

Within each construction site it is important that the work is well organized and that you can count on the most suitable machine to carry out each activity. When there are large quantities of material (such as rubble, residues, soil and rubble) that could represent a danger, slow down other work and be an obstacle to the various construction site activities, it is necessary to find the most advantageous solution to move this material.

The mission of the rental dumper is exactly this: to move material quickly, easily and in total safety.

How to choose a rental dumper?

When choosing dumper rental there are many main aspects to consider.

Load capacity is the primary aspect to consider when choosing a dumper and can be expressed with a level or full body. For example, the D40 wheeled diesel dumper, the largest and most capacious in the CGTE rental fleet range, reaches a capacity of 2,000 L with a flat body and 2,700 L with a full body.

Maneuverability is also very important. A dumper must be easily manoeuvrable, allow it to be driven comfortably even in reverse and have a small steering radius. The dumpers in the CGTE rental fleet are positioned at the top of their class for maneuverability.

The analysis of the terrain on which the rental dumper will be used is another key aspect in choosing the machine best suited to your needs. Dumpers normally have rubber wheels, suitable for most terrains, such as the DW4001 and D40 models from the CGTE rental fleet. In more demanding contexts, such as construction sites with steep slopes or surfaces with poor grip, rental models of tracked dumpers that guarantee greater grip and traction are preferable, such as the TC85D, electric TC50E and C12R-B models.

What factors to consider when renting a dump truck?

When choosing a rental dumper, you cannot fail to consider the environment in which it will be used. Generally, dumpers are powered by a diesel engine which makes them ideal for use on most construction sites or open-air places. However, if you have to operate in particular environments such as historic centers or private gardens, closed places or areas where emissions are subject to restrictions, the right choice is the dumper from the CGTE TC50E rental fleet which, thanks to its completely electric power supply, can work anywhere in total absence of emissions.